Robot-Japan is designed to be a photo encyclopedia and resource for collectors. In the 80's and 90's most robots had to be purchased without detailed resources. Picture books were helpful and expensive; the internet age came to the rescue. Robot-Japan is a photo resource to help learn about vintage robots and then network to search them out. It is a labor of love for the owner and staff.

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 About Us

Background_PICJack a.k.a. TattooJack harkens from the Gobot Age. This inked up man of mystery enjoys workouts supplemented with zinc and ice cold air.  Ground G1 Transformers run through his veins. Fingers are tipped with missile shooters.



Myles_manga_sMyles a.k.a. Kingboy D calls the other Country of Miami home. This closet case collector relishes online gaming as well as a zinc fix away from the children. Myles is a tour-de-force of once lost archives and a collector of all toys pre-loved.



BandaitnEd a.k.a. Admin is the once lost & traveling soul that is now found. RJ is his love child born of constant travel and consulting. Now that a few children have anchored his life, this site to literally come into focus. This robot consultant will gladly help with valuations and relish the fresh zinc fumes.


Guests a.k.a. hidden helpers. Thanks be to the secret sect of the bot.


The Mission Statement of Robot-Japan is to provide high quality toy robot pictures and content to our readers. Over time we would like to expand the site to be an all-encompasing robot toy photo encyclopedia and detailed research tool. We would like to create informative articles for a wide range of audiences from kids to adult collectors.