Yamato Showroom and Scopedog 2005

on Monday, February 28, 2005.

1/12 Scopedog

Yamato Toys Scopedog showroom


Was I ever surprised to see the Scopedog action figure in person. Yamato toys came to Toy Fair 2005 and greeted Josh, Roger, and I with a friendly smile and a walk into the dazzling show room. Immediately I was shocked to see my old school military green buddy; it was incredible how large the Yamato Scope Dog was in person.

Scope Dog, driven by Circo Chuive, harkens back to the early 1980's- a time when super realistic robot toys were the rage. Scopedog designation ATM-09-ST comes from the TV series Votoms which was produced by Keniti Nomoto.You had a cartoon with the good guys fighting the bad guys in over sized armor suits. Each 'dog could transform into a rolling flat-backed vehicle.

The Yamato showroom had a standard green Scopedog, a purple Melquiya dog, a Red Shoulder,and live action figures sprinkled throughout. Zeorymer action figures and the newer Huckebein where my highlights. This year it appears we still have Hero Collection Figures of Mazinga Z and the Getter crew to purchase.

Yamato Scopedog Inner Workings

The actual toy is very impressive and made to exacting detail. There are ABS and PVC plastics used with a sprinkling of diecast metal joint work. The mix makes for a perfect 1/12 scale model that measures around 9 inches in height.

You can open up the hatch and see all of the inner cockpit detailing, moving visor parascopes, and control arm detail. Next bolt on gun ammunition and the excessively large hand cannon. I found over 5 pilot handles inside as well as pistons to open and close the hatch.

Yamato probably won't go to this effort to make a perfect 1/12 scale model robot in some time. I'm going to guess it has very little profit it it, but is an experiment in perfection. You will be hard pressed to find a more detailed robot toy now, and for some time to come. I applaud the work and think we have an modern day classic that must be seen in person to fully appreciate.


P.S. Thanks Yamato for making this visit possible.

bubblegum-crisis-figure-yamato bubblegum-crysis-blue chiro-chuive Cuvie5

Cuvie6 dirty-pair-Yamato Giant-Robo2-GR2-Yamato Hero-collection-mazinger-getta

Kebein-mkii Melquiya-dog Melquiya-scopedog-robot Police-tank

purple-scopedog-1 Red-a.t-votoms-yamato ScopeDog10

 ScopeDog11 ScopeDog12 Votoms-Chirico-Cuvie Votoms-Poster 

YHK340084_-_Zeorymer3 YHK340084_-_Zeorymer4 Zeorymer-Yamato-figure

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