Winter Toy Thoughts from Florida

on Sunday, August 21, 2005.

Robot News, Thoughts, Pictures, et .al.

Gatcha-box-Ever had one of those weeks/months/quarters where your life is a blur? For me, the YEAR has been a blur and one heck of an education. I've had a smattering of thoughts and cool pictures to share but, guess what, no time. A new job in Florida Real Estate has out bid my social life and sucked up my mental acumen. I'm fried.

That was the semi-off news. The good news-- The Biz is going well and on track. My wife and I have a new pad, and heck, ye olde' Robote Japane should be getting more updates fast. It just takes time to relocate, re-educate in a new job, and settle in. Ah it IS coming together.

You may notice that Robot Japan too has received a "behind the scenes" face lift thanks to Josh Bernard. Josh reworked the pages and massaged the content to be user friendly. You are welcome to browse the Gallery section of Robot Japan and discover/rediscover what was once lost. New pictures were uncovered and then content was brought to the surface.

New Robot Plans

Daitaron-3-batteryAt the moment I'm keen on setting up a St. Petersburg & Tampa club to beef up new content. Shoot me an email if you live in the area and want to help out. It would be nice to meet people in person just as Josh has set up Summits in the North East.

As always I plan on adding new content to the site. It is time to ramp up for the holiday season. Get ready to enjoy new content.

Final Robot Thoughts

Keep on supporting our Bulletin Board. Thank you veterans for keeping the forum fun, friendly, and informative. Thank you new members for putting up with my blasted tardy "account approvals". I have to pay the bills first and THEN approve your accounts. ;)

Have a great holiday season for me please! If you, friends, or family need real estate in Florida then drop me a line please. The team and I love referrals. Then if that doesn't work send me a referral to locate black Popy robots. Old school collectors may know what I mean ;) .

Stay warm and have a great winter season!



Medium Daibaron by Bullmark


Battery operated Daitaron 3 by Clover Japan


GodPhoenix II by Popy


GodPhoenix II with accessories open


Green Gao-Rangers Gorilla


Gatcha Jet DX


Dread Launchers Gobots


Dread Launchers box


Alternators prototype


K-Mart Decept 1 and 2 robots


Tonka/ Popy Gobot Leader 1


Robot detail


Legios Mospeda red fighter


Daitaron DX Plastic box art


Power Rangers Wild Force Megazord


Note the on/off switch to this battery op

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