Vinyl Robots invade the U.S.

on Wednesday, September 29, 2004.

Vinyl Robots Invade the U.S.. Mechabot There to Save the Day

"GoHero toys and Steve Forde have brought us an incredible Vinyl Robot: Mechabot- A Hero Reforged"

Mechabot-GoHero-head-1Opening the Header Card of my Mechabot releases endorphins of Old School Robot kick-arse goodness. Steve Forde has gone out on a limb and as a private individual and brought us Mechabot! His first entry into the Super Robot world is a grand-slam winner and an original killer design.

From my perspective the U.S. toy-clan hasn't really produced a unique and completely original robot toy in years. The Iron Giant may be the last design that comes to mind and I didn't like it as much. Mechabot's finned back is a new design element in my book. I've never seen it before on a robot, and then we get a fresh design with Mechabot's head . Cool.


Vinyl-robotMechabot is a hard vinyl toy made in the spirit of Bullmark and Bandai toys. I would like to stress that this particular robot is an adult collectible vinyl. About 8" in height, it is not geared towards children, instead it was meant for those adults that long to relive the 1970's. Then let us not forget all those robot fans that appreciate fresh new robot art.

I was quite surprised to see Mechabot had several points of articulation. The head, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles are poseable. In addition the waist joint (a collector favorite) is poseable. You can do all your judo chop and flying kick poses with ease. I've always known older vinyls to be bricks, so this was a big bonus to me.

Mechabot-Poster-2004-1My promotion pack (Debut Kit with Metallic) included a great poster illustrated by Mark Nagata of Super 7; a metallic blue, black, yellow, and silver robot; and an original music CD. You can purchase the individual robot for around $30 USD.



Overall Impression

Buy it. Sponsor a hobbyist with an incredible sense of art and ambition. Or appreciate Mechabot because it is a cool dolop of vinyl art. OR if you prefer to be scientific about it, justify your expense this way-- This is an awesome piece of robot art for a sub $35 price. Mechabot's production is quite limited and sure to slip away soon. Mechabot can be purchased at


  • Packaged in old school poly bag & header card.
  • Height 8.5", Width 5", Depth 3.5"
  • 1/32 Scale
  • High Quality Hard Vinyl
  • 12 Points of Articulation 
    (Mushroom Jointed - 1 Head, 1 Waist, 2 Shoulders, 2 Forearms, 2, Legs, 2 Calves, and 2 Feet)


Mechabot in a classic hero pose


Storyline on the back of the header card.


Close-up of Mechabot's head sculpt


Poster art of Mechabot next to the 8.5 " vinyl. Art by Mark Nagata.



Here you can see some of the Mechabot poses and joints in action.


Robot Art.



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