Vinyl Respect for a Diecast Toy

Written by Myles on Wednesday, March 02, 2011.


(photo courtesy of Jeremy (jojo the dog faced boy) on skullbrain)



Modern vinyl kaiju manufacturers are quite prolific these days, and they are searching far and wide to come up with inspirations for new products.  One company, Amapro, looked to a rare vintage diecast toy, for one of its creations.  Marushin is a lesser known diecast manufacturer from back in the day.  ToyboxDX has a nice write-up on the company here.  Among their creations are a series of kaiju.  One of these is Garuban, a monster from a 1967 show called Captain Ultra.  Garuban seems to be made of hunks of metal, and I believe he is known as the Magnet Monster.  Here is a video of his first appearance.  The toy consists of a serious amount of diecast, with a removable magnetic head.  Marushin also took Garuban's body and added a gorilla head to create a new toy, naming it Mecha Gorilla.  As far as I know, this is a unique creation that is not based on any particular show.  It is this toy that Amapro paid homage to with their creation, the Mechagonira (or Mecha Gorilla).  As with the Marushin toy, it features gem eyes, but it replaces the chest door with a simple star.  There are several colorways made of this toy.  A few can be seen above.  Another can be seen here.  This is a beautiful toy that really captures the spirit of the original in a new and exciting way, and perhaps it opens the door for vinyl collectors' appreciation of diecast toys, and vice versa. 


Amapro_Mecha_Gorilla_3_s Amapro_Mecha_Gorilla_4_s Amapro_Mecha_Gorilla_6_s Amapro_Mecha_Gorilla_5_s

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