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on Sunday, February 23, 2003.

RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive

Platform: playstation2
Developer: Sandlot
Publisher: Enix

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"Robot Alchemic Drive "or simply put "RAD" is based on classic Giant Robot sagas we at Robot-Japan all love and know. Like any other giant robot shows there is usually an invading alien robot monster destroyng Japan, in this case it is called a Volgara. That is where you come along, you can select from three different characters to pilot Japan's last defense, the "Meganite".

You can choose from three different Meganites, all having their own abilities that will work as either an advantage or a liability when you fight your way through.
Where is the Remote?

RAD feature an innovative way to control your Meganite, it makes use of all the dual shock  buttons like no other Mech base game. Right shoulder buttons control the right foot, left shoulder buttons control the left foot, analog sticks work the same way, the directional controls is for torso movement and the right side buttons control your arsenal.  You can imagine how awkward it might feel on the first try, but this is where the fun is, giving you the feel of being a new pilot forced into battle. As your skill improves it will show your mastery on  the way you handle the Meganite.

That's about the size where you put your eyes.

Another innovation is the ant perspective of the game,  unlike  other mech games you do not pilot your Big Bad Metal inside a cockpit but you control it outside ala Giant Robo. You get a first person view of the character you have selected,  givi! ng you the feel of seeing something big and massive. So having a good vantage point while playing the game helps else you get trampled on by the fighting titans or crushed by falling debris.

Metal To Metal Action

Combat is where the fun begins, you can punch, drill , burn, or fly your way to victory.  Fueling the fun factor is the sound, from the rumbling streets, to the crashing buildings to the banging of Metal Behemoths is top notch. Adding multiple selection from the cheesy story mode, to the challenge,to the versus games, and having to choose from 3 different Meganite and hero this should give your money's worth. Replay value high,  just screaming "Rocketuuu Punch!!!!" to the amazement of your family is worth every game time.

The Low Down

Like any other games out there, RAD also has it's down side. Aside from the cheesy story and bad dubbing (which most dubbed sentai shows are) for a PS 2 game it does not boast of hi! gh quality graphics, but still the massive city and the great texture they made to the robots do add enough detail not to sway you from enjoying the game.

Mission Complete

Overall I recommend this game specially to Robot-Japan members with a PS 2 console. For a new game it makes you feel that it is the 1980s all over again, Nostalgia factor high even for a new game.
I give this a 4 out of 5 stars ****

Otaru Ikari


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