Toy Wishes 2003

on Friday, July 18, 2003.

Toy Wishes 2003

Bandai America Comes to New York 2003

burning-SD-GundamBandai once again has been kind enough to invite Robot-Japan to it's New York toy exhibition. This meeting was for "Toy Wishes 2003." For those of you who are unaware of the sales side of the toy industry, this Toy Wishes event attempts to predict the next hot toys for Christmas and market products to wholesalers. Robot-Japan was invited by Cliff and Angela to attend.

Where to begin; well it was all a blur as you would expect. New York, NY is always a mass of civilization and then add to that a toy extravaganza on a work day-- Civilized Chaos. Outside the 18th Street exhibition hall was a Micro Machines Morris Mini with millions of micros inside to greet us all. Then a guard or two appeared; then a receptionist; next a door man; finally velvet curtains. Toys harkened behind magic curtain #2. A side step to the right-- mind the giant Barbie Exhibition-- and there it was. A shopping market set of aisles with toys and greeters gleamed ahead. Bright-white smiled saleswomen and Corporate Executives awaited the press and, hopefully, new clients.

AngelaAisle #2 contained my long-time favorite toy company-- Bandai America. The familiar faces of Angela and Cliff smiled in greeting. Cliff was kind enough to model the new Superior Defenders Gundam toys and Angela, the new Red Rangers 12" Tsunami motorcycle.

Each kind host showed me a sampling of the upcoming Gundam and Power Rangers toys. We can expect a multitude of new SD releases such as the Burning Gundam and SD Gundam Deathcythe. Additional deluxe gift sets will be previewing shortly.

Wild-Force-RedOn the far right of the exhibition was a highly detailed Red Power Ranger from the Power Rangers Wild Force series (2002). Someone must have noticed my staring. Let me just say that a Red Power Ranger needs to have his head stick out of a taxi.........


The rest is summed up in these photos below. Pictures are worth 1000 words.

Thank you so much Bandai America and associates for spending time to visit. Thank you Cliff and Angela for taking time to preview the upcoming products. I would especially like to thank Bandai's Director of Marketing Matthew Golding for taking time to visit. It was a pleasure, sir, and all of Robot-Japan appreciates your time. Furthermore we appreciate the products and assistance with our Robot Drawing Contest.


Bandai-02-Ms-LED Bandai-Cliff-1 burning-SD-Gundam Deathscythe-Gundam-SD

Dragon-Gundam Ninja-Storm-playset Operation-Meteor-Set-1 Pa083640

Power-Ranger-Mobile-Control-center Power-Rangers-1 thumb_Red-Power-Ranger-Wild Red-Power-Rangers-Motorcycle

SD-Death-cycle-gundam SD-Shining-Gundam Storm-Lightning-Mega Strawpa083638

Talgeese-Gundam-SD toys-PR-2003 Wild-Force-Red-1 

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