Toy Fair 2003

on Monday, February 17, 2003.

NY Toy Fair 03

New York, New York U.S.A.

February 16th, 2003

Let us begin with a Snap, Crackle, and a Pop—Toy Fare New York 2003 is upon us. 1107 Broadway hosted my first step upon the sacred concrete of many-a toy genesis. The private chambers on Broadway hold the showrooms for Bandai America and countless other toy companies. A visit to Bandai was my main focus.

Toy_Parade_2003  Ny2003peace  sncp

At approximately noon on Sunday the 16th I was greeted with the smiling Kellogg’s faces of Snap, Crackle, and Pop. The 100th anniversary parade of American International Toy Fair had begun. The yellow and black mane of Geofrey (Toys R Us), then Madeline, then Felix greeted me with a frosty breath. Ambient temperatures were around 25 degrees F but a searing wind added to the chill.


Slowly I counted the minutes. Frosty fingers pushed up my down coat and rolled back my Thinsulate gloves to see a watch face. One thirty PM was fast approaching. Time for just a few more photo ops with our plush play-land friends.


New York, NY. 1107 Broadway. First floor, Second, Third. At last—the marble floor; the gold and brass accents; smiling hostess; Gundam Posters; Japanese executives; and finally, Bandai America showrooms. Valhalla! The Motherland! I checked in.


Within minutes my gracious hosts Nerissa and Cliff greeted me. My reply: ‘Hello, I look forward to seeing your presentations.’ -Understatement.

"You may want to part icipate on our next presentation".

'That sounds excellent.' -smile-

So I walked around the private glass doors and to the left of a SD Gundam poster. I then began the actor animated, polished, and choreographed presentation for Bandai America 2003. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers began the toy product presentations. – Fun!

It does look like this year will top all others. Products will include new action figures, Zords, play sets, vehicles, role play items, die cast cars, and trading cards. Toys are based on the Power Rangers television series, which airs on both the ABC Television Network and "ABC Kids" time slots.

Here are some briefs product reviews from Bandai (Thank you Nerissa and Cliff!). A sampling of the highlights are outlined below:


Ninja Battle Power Rangers— Assortment includes the six 5-inch Power Rangers and one Evil Space Alien. With a squeeze of the legs or a push of a button, each Power Ranger can perform a unique action feature. In addition, each Wind Ranger has a removable torso shield designed after their Ninja Uniform. Removing the Thunder Rangers shields reveals their battle damaged torsos.

Action Megazords—Assortment includes five 5-inch Action Megazords modeled after the Power and Lightning Megazords. Each Action Megazord has a unique action feature and weapon.

Turbo Tri-Battlized Power Rangers—Assortment includes five 5-inch Power Rangers, each with unique armor. Armor can be worn by the Ranger, reconfigured to create a vehicle or combined to form a deluxe vehicle where the Ranger forms the chassis.

PR02571A PR02627A

Stormforce Triple Zord Morphin Power Rangers—Four 12-inch Rangers that are modeled after the actors on the show.Each Ranger is fully articulated, comes with a unique weapon and can say three battle phrases.

Weapon Warrior Power Rangers—Each of the four 12-inch Rangers comes with four weapons, two of which can attach to the Ranger’s armor. The weapons can be detached and reconfigured to form a Ninja Vehicle.


12” Power Ranger with Tsunami Cycle—The Red Wind and Green Samurai Tsunami Cycles are both equipped with lights, sounds and missile firing action. To transform into flight mode, each cycle can fold down its Thunderbolt wings. Includes a 12-inch Power Ranger.



Lightning Megazords—Two Lightning Megazords willbe included in the fall assortment. The Storm Lightning Megazord is a fully articulated Megazord that has flashing light action in its chest and action sound features. Samurai Star Lightning Megazord can transform to a helicopter complete with propeller spinning action. Est. Retail $29.99

PR02544A PR02541A PR02542A

Power Megazords—The fall assortment of Power Megazords include Storm Power and Thunder Power. Each Megazord is composed of several Zords.Both also have a secret weapon enclosed in a Power Sphere housed in the Megazord’s chest. In addition, Storm Power and Thunder Power can be combined to form Thunderstorm Megazord. Combine Thunderstorm Megazord with Samurai Star Lightning Megazord to create the ultimate evil fighting force:Hurricane Megazord. Est. Retail $29.99

PR02649A PR02324A

VEHICLES (Highlights)

Ninja Storm Action Racers--A collection of eight die-cast vehicles that are themed after the Rangers, Zords, and Megazords on the Ninja Storm Series. Every two months, two new vehicles debut. A 1-inch articulated figure that can be placed in the driver’s seat is included with each racer. Est. Retail $2.99.

prvehic_small PR02601A

Ninja Storm Action Racer Turbo Transporters—Two Turbo Transporters will be debuting this Fall. Each can hold an Action Racer in its trailer as well as transform into a battle vehicle.

Ninja Glider Cycles with 5” Power Ranger—Five Ninja Glider Cycles with each including a 5-inch Power Ranger. Cycles can transform into Ninja Gliders without removing the figure.Each figure comes with a weapon that can be inserted into the cannon at the front of the cycle and fired.


Power Rangers Mobile Control Center—This big rig truck is equipped with everything the Rangers need when they’re away from the underground headquarters.Missile firing action, lights and sounds and the truck’s ability to transform to Megazord mode are just a few features. The trailer can open to reveal a detailed control center. Gliders (not included) can be launched out the back. Est. Retail $39.99


Power Rangers Jumbo Thunderstorm Megazord—Standing two feet, this Megazord takes action to extreme proportions! This item is modeled after the popular Thunderstorm Megazord on the TV show.Est. Retail $29.99


Power Rangers Ride On--A foot-to-floor vehicle modeled after the Ninja Storm Tsunami Cycles. Riders can blast Evil Space Aliens with a missile launcher located at the front of the cycle. Soft disks fire. Est. Retail $39.99.

The above products were illustrated by the two “Rangers” pictured below. I envy their job –greedy smile-. They took us through a multi-media presentation with toys, videos, illustrations, and (best of all) shooting toy parts. Please share and enjoy the pictures below.

They represent only the first of the Bandai showrooms.Upcoming articles will cover SD Gundams, standard Gundams, and the M.U.S.C.L.E toy lines, non-Bandai tin toys, and Gundam poseable action figure model robot kits.

prcaselft  prlftcase2 prlftcase2

Thank you Cliff, Nerissa, and Bandai for the advanced products previews. All members of Robot-Japan appreciate your kindness!

PR02757A PR02768A

Prototype of a Megazord base playset with firing missiles, lights, and sounds.


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