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Written by Myles on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.


I'm sure many of us have been ridiculed (perhaps good-naturedly) about our hobby.  After all, here we are, adults in our 30s, 40s, or perhaps even older.  Many of us have jobs, homes, families, and other adult responsibilities (such as debt).  And yet we collect toys.  I admit that on occassion, when my wife mentions my passion to her friends, I get a little embarrassed. 

But as I consider the nature of this hobby, I see a continuous toy line that has been going strong since the 1970s (or earlier if you include kaiju and tins).  There have been countless toys made by companies that have come and gone (and come again).  Consider the Popy line alone.  There were rankings from GA-01 through GE- (ongoing) and PA-01 through PC-56.  Then factor in the Jumbo Machinders, vinyl toys, tins, etc.  Consider Bandai taking over with SOCs numbered GX-01 through GX-57 (and still going), SIC items, and many other toys.  And again, there were and still are many, many more companies cranking out toys - Takatoku, Aoshima, CM's.  Japanese robots and their ilk have traversed the globe and include such diverse toys as Power Rangers, Micronauts, and Transformers. 

What we have is an unbelievably extensive hobby.  Consider what other toy lines even come close to this breadth of toys.  GI Joe?  Sure, there are a significant number of toys in this line, from the original large figures to the newer smaller sized toys and action vehicles.  But does this really compare to our hobby?  Matchbox cars have been around for many years too.  Maybe these are on a par.  But what else?  He-Man?  Barbie?  No way.  I can't really think of anything that comes close. 

So while our hobby might seem obscure to the uninitiated, when you truly look into it, we are collectors of one of the most complex and expansive toy lines ever made.  From vintage chogokin to train station vinyls, from model kits to SOCs, from Revoltech to anime statues, from Henshin Cyborgs to Medicom figures, from Microman products to modern Valks galore.  There are thousands upon thousands of toys in our hobby.  Be proud to be part of one of the longest running and widely encompassing genres! 

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Myles a.k.a. Kingboy D calls the paradise of South Florida home.  This closet case collector relishes online gaming as well as a zinc fix away from the children.  Myles is a tour-de-force of once lost archives and a collector of all toys pre-loved.