Mazinger Question - Is this old GA-01 legit?

on Wednesday, February 02, 2011.

As originally posted in the forum by www-greattoys-net on 7/11/05.  However, be warned - this is one person's determination of how to distinguish a bootleg toy.  There might be other bootleg versions or genuine vintage toys that have similarities or differences to these presented here.  As always, BUYER BEWARE!


"This is a rather old discussion, but anyways here are better comparison pix between the original GA-01 vintage mazinger Z and the bootleg one..

The bootleg one was made in year 2000 in Hong Kong by a small group of toy hobbyist. They were sold for around US$30 then i think.. now i've seen people on ebay who pass off the bootleg HK version as the original one and are asking US$100++.

Some buyers looking for original GA-01 Mazingers on ebay are afraid to purchase GA-01 because of the bootleg problem. I've made comparison photos between an original and bootleg GA-01.. the original one is an eternal hero series version as shown below, the bootleg one uses a 4th edition box..

The sticker on the waist of the bootleg one is metallic foil looking while the original one is just plain silver color sticker.. but i do remember seeing bootleg ones with non metallic sticker, but the prints are not fine and rather dark compared to the originals..the legs looks painted chrome and not solid metal finish.. the shape of the legs are also slightly different with a bigger spacing between the hips and leg joint.

Notice that the right leg of the bootleg Mazinger Z is shorter than the left leg. The original vintage piece has also identical length of both left and right leg..

The sticker on the jet scrandler are also different, but i have doubts in this difference because an older version of GA-01 Mazinger could have had a different letter Z sticker on the wing..

Enjoy the photos below, thanks"


GA-01_KO_comparison_1_s GA-01_KO_comparison_2_s GA-01_KO_comparison_3_s

GA-01_KO_comparison_4_s GA-01_KO_comparison_5_s


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