Tetsujin 28 Godaikin vs. Japanese Tetsujin 28

on Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

Yes, Tetsujin 28 SG-01 is similar the legendary Great White Sharks.  It is a giant among titans, relatively rare, mythical, admired, has sharp surfaces, and not that well studied.  So let us delve into the nuts and bolts of this heavy and weighty beast.


Starting from the beginning, Japanese toy maker Popy decided to make one last design to trump all diecast robots before it.  Up to 1981, the Clover Zanbot 3 DX had been king of the hill in size.  Popy toys' Combattra and Voltes V were a Close second, but some bragging rights were needed.  Bandai was about to re-absorb Popy and this ultra Tetsujin design represented a bit of a swan song.  Popy decided to go with, get this, steel and super-size it.  Yes, the SG-01 Chokinzoku is stamped steel with diecast, tin lithographing, chrome plating, and plastic parts where detail is needed.

With this backdrop the toy was an immediate legend.  Kids, collectors, and older adults knew that this Iron Man 28 release would be extra special.  It was, the proportions were pure beauty and it immediately sold out (others feel free to message me more details).  Seasoned collectors and cross-interest collectors I've met feel that the design has a sculptural quality.  Its presence is artistic.

In past writings, I've noted that the design has a Roman crest and has gladiator roots and lines from the time of Christ.  Note that the crest harkens back to a Roman, if not imperial, crest. 

As one can imagine, the initial release boxed toy is difficult to come by.  Even more challenging is finding the time, space, and collector to pose versions side by side.  There has been much debate about the U.S. "Godikin" version being different from the Popy Japan Release.  

Tetsujin-Eyes IMG_4385 

So here's the scoop-  The Japanese version 1 toy has darker blue plastic.  This is not a function of flash or white balance.  The toy simply had a darker dye vat for the blue head, shoulders, and lower arms.  That said, the blue paint on the armor is about the same in color.  Lower leg plastic is still a lighter color.

Next one will see that the Japanese Version 1 didn't get paint around the eyes.  The first toy had a yellow piece of plastic behind the eye openings, but the openings were made too big.  So this design was a loose end and not as aesthetically pleasing.

Later the Version 2 U.S. Godaikin toy had a "paint mask" of blue around the eyes.  It makes the toy eyes more accurate and rounded.  Lighter blue (relatively) plastic was used on the Godaikin head and shoulders.

You can see from the above pictures that Tetsujin's head, lower arms, and especially shoulders are dark blue.  Below I have three files with notations, click on the .pdf files below for Tetsujin details.




-Hope you enjoy the nerdy details :)


P.S. I've heard rumors of diecast feet, but NEVER been able to confirm that any production SG-01 had them.  At the moment I call B.S.

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