Takara Dougram Magnemo Soltic

on Wednesday, November 30, 2011.


WOW....this was my first impression when holding Takara's Dougram Magnemo Soltic. What a neat little package that he comes in, and with a stylish window to view and enjoy the toy, as it's resting peacefully in his styrofoam enclosure. Upon examining this beaut, you will notice that the figure comes dissected into 6 main parts: Upper chest, hips, legs and arms. They magically and wonderfully connect with a strong magnetic bond, making this version of Dougram quite unique.

    A fair and equal amount of diecast and plastic comprise this elegant concoction of robotic splendor, as he stands typical ST size measuring up to approx 6 1/4" minus the antenna.His backpack is also magnetic and features convenient hinges that open up the compartment to store a host of enemy blasting missiles. Toting a swiveling 6" cannon that mounts to the side of the backpack, this guy is sure to make a bad guy stop dead in his tracks. He also comes with 4 miniature rubber enemies for fun playtime for you and your friends.

   The upper chest piece pivots up to reveal the chassis of the robot and the head flips up as well to house a seat for the pilot. The downside to this piece would definitely have to be the reddish-orange colored "hooks" located on his knee caps, back of his heels, and the back of his head. These appear quite fragile and the ones on the heels are hinged, so use caution when storing Dougram back in his foam, that they do not get bent the wrong way and snap. Caution should also be exercised around the head area with the antenna, as it is very thin and risky. Another Takara treasure indeed, and is more than worth owning. Take the time to review pics of Dougram Magnemo by clicking here!



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