Summit 2003

on Friday, August 29, 2003.

East Coast Toy Summit 2003

Welcome to a fly's eyes view of the East Coast Summit of 2003 hosted by our favorite compatriot, Josh B. He was kind enough to invite toy robot collectors in the Eastern United States over for a barbeque, trading, and a taste of tall toy tales.


My visit began late as I interrupted an impromptu photo-op. There looming above and infront of me was Jerilock's (a.k.a. Jason) hand built, mind-boggling RX-78 Gundam. My mind raced. Everyone then extended me a warm welcome and then all bets were off.

Boxes were opened, robots sprang, parts flew, and eyes glazed. Trading, selling, and viewing began. It was nice to finally be able to cut out e-bay fees and shipping costs! I also enjoyed giving some bots a happy new home.

Aggieb Chogokin1 Dave-Mike Gundam-RX-78

Jake Josh Keith Mason-Lord-Jake

Mike-Mark P8163426 RoboZone

Later we chewed the fat over tales o' toys and how NOT brag about waist joints (LOL). Drinking and dining began. Josh decided to feed our bodies after the chogokin souls on BEEF and Pork. -Veggies were there for the gals.

Next we enjoyed a visit to Robozone as the cash in our wallets burned. Fortunately I left mine about 150 miles away in my home ; ) . Jason ended up with some gems from the gracious staff. If memory serves me correctly Josh B ended up with a Block. Head. Dougram. Nice!

Thank you Josh and family. Thank you fellow collectors for the visit!


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