Rodney Copperbottom Robots Toy from Mattel

on Thursday, May 11, 2006.

robotshdEvery now and then a robot toy comes and goes without even hitting my radar. In times past I almost missed out on the Iron Giant and just last year I failed to notice the new Robots toy Rodney Copperbottom.

So this month, ages after the official Robots release, I wandered into Ross Clothing with my wife and was shocked at what I saw. There were piles of new old stock being blown out at 60% off. In the pile I found a strangely packed toy for Rodney, call him Rodney DX.

I absolutely hated the packaging and presentation for this toy but had nothing to do and decided to read on, then stare on, and finally buy on. It took a leap of faith to convince myself that it was worth the chance in buying one. The toy didn't disappoint once it was untied; about 30 packing ties kept all 11 snap on parts in place.

Robot-skaterThis 12 inch or so toy had an impressive 14 points of articulation and some tricky parts and pieces. Rodney can change out his head crest for one with a propeller, add on arm & leg armor, pop on a roller skate, swap out different gears, and even pull open his head to reveal circuitry. All of the articulation and pieces were well thought out.

The head, ankles and hands all swivel. Each hip and shoulder and elbow ratchets and pivots.

One of the more strange features is that the fore arm splits in half to reveal a simple "thin arm".

"Build and battle" or "Upgrade with Spare Parts". At $30 retail the toy used to be a bit expensive. Now, though, if you can find some old toy stock, try to pick up Rodney. The toy is great fun for kids & collectors and will be impressive once it is out of its blasted twist tie box.

robotshd Robot-skater robot-punch
robot-bl robo-head-copperbottom Punch
Copperbottom-parts back Robots-rodney-box



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