Robots 2007

on Saturday, May 05, 2007.


As a generation X'er I am beginning to feel a change in priorites. 2006 ushered in a brand new girl for me, Grace Evelyn, and time all of a sudden has stopped; the world revolves around a animate object and not inanimate toys.

Dare I say that I, we, are growing up? So you will have to pardon slower updates. My passion for robot toys though is still there! Pictures will be added as time permits & in fact here are some samples of what has been waiting in the wings.

mek-cls-bw Mekanda-bk Mekanda-sm
ObaQ-GA-64 P1010760 P1010763
P1010780 P1010781 P9094615
P9094618 P9094623 P9094631
P9094638 pu-bk Robo-pu-bxbk
robocon-dog robocon-ga

This year we have plans to add a few new moderators to the bulletin board and keep things lively.

Then I hear a calling for more vintage robot pictures. OK, I hear you loud and clear! So sit back, HappyChinese New Year, and enjoy the new pictures:

beeton-dx-bullmark Beeton-med-ins Beeton-med2
Beetonfamilya Diataron-jewl diataronhd
bennyshark.jpg G2SM41b8e0fd-7ffc-4ca5-b7b7-6c597849ba62-5472 bennyback
GA-64toy dog-chogokin Godam-bk
Godam-robot Godambw Megatron-Gun-1
Megatron-transformer Megs Megs



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