Robot Toy Wish List

Written by Ed on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

Robot Toy Wish List


Positive thinking and all the self-help books in the world lead me down this path-- The Robot Toy "wish list" for me and Robot-Japan.  The cynics will tell me to keep my wishes private.  I'll choose to be open and positive.

Wish #1--  Hook-up friends with good robot deals.  How?  Well if I'm going to visualize, I'll visualize a new warehouse find, a new estate find, or philanthropy.  I would love to find quantities of top-notch toys and "hook-a-brother up."  I know Jack could use a nice Voltes V; Myles, some special missile firing vinyls; me, I wouldn't mind finding some select Robocon toys; Josh, Erik, Alen, Tom, Mike, Tony, Person A, Person B, Person C....the list goes on and I've visualized taylor made gifts.

WHY can't we get supply to line up with demand and a palatable price.  CURSE this hobby, yet love it at the same time.  We have a sickness, but my hope is to find great toys and share.  Hook-ups are getting harder.

Wish #2-- I'd like to be selfish and get a mint Diaclone Convoy. Why can't I find this gem?  Gee-gad, I've been looking for a mint complete one for years.  Curse you father of Optimus, son of an ingot. I suppose at my next opportunity it will cost me -wince-.convoy-diaclone-robotjp

JumboDoublas-V2-popyWish #2-- Get a Jumbo Doublas M2 for me and the site.  Again, the opportunity and timing has never worked out.  Jumbos aren't my thing, but this character transcends Japanese toy categories.  I'm willing to walk the slippery slope of jumbo love here.  The hand made character fascinates me.  Can I barter with children, LOL?




Mekanda Tech Gass bot 1 sWish #3

Let me clone  Mekanda DX?  We have jumbo love for this guy, we have chogo-love for this guy, so when can I see perfect clones?  Maybe we can amend Wish #1 to include this violent character.  See Youtube to brush up on the shark missiles and knife features in the cartoon.



Wish #4-- Bring RJ some prototypes to enjoy and photograph please.  Have you ever searched for that next collecting high, then realize there were unproduced toys to track?  Recall seeing the first blue "Convoy" in early Diaclone catalogs?  Recall seeing Popy prototypes featured on box art?  Let me see some prototypes please, and maybe, maybe I can borrow it for about 80 years :).

Wish #5-- Give me a complete line-up of Robodatchi toys to play with; please.  My goodness, how these little whacked-out toys have grown on me.  They must have grown on Japanese collectors too based on the strong pricing lately.  Oh how I'd love to sit down with some of the crazier variants, the DX sets, a plane set, and then play.

Wish #6-- Establish a revenue stream for RJ.  My hope here is to employ a few toy nuts.  In the world of the Internet, there was so much promise in banner ads as well as key word "monetization", however I feel good just to remain cash neutral.  I'd love to support a worker or two and dedicate full time to videos, detailed photos, extra articles, trips for discovery overseas, and attendance at conventions.  Cash tends to smooth the process and purchase time.

Wish #7-- Continued cool robot networking on RJ.  We have a great thing in RJ and I completely appreciate all that we have already.  Robot-Japan forum is over 5000 members strong, awesome.  RJ on Facebook is well over 1100 members; sweet growth.  RJ Youtube followers are strong.   Then site pages are being poured over.  Internet page views per week are in the thousands and growing.  This said though, I wish for more members and more growth.  Fresh faces bring different perspective and new takes on the hobby.

Maybe if Wish #7 falls into place, Wishes 1-6 will follow.  My positive thougths are going out there to the universe and all the internet ethos!

Have a great one gang!  Better yet, I hope your Wish List falls into place too & soon ;)


Best Regards,


a.k.a. Admin







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