Robot New Year 2006

on Thursday, May 11, 2006.

Gaiking-SOC-chogokin-1Well can you believe that we are in 2006 with many-a-great toys gone from 2005 shelves? Last yearushered in the re-release of -gasp- our favorite Gaiking, the new Aquarion, biggie-sized Daigokin Great Mazinga, along with some snappy new Transformers. Does this leave us for growing room in 2006?

Non-scientific observation- I noticed that Star Wars toys easily outpaced the Transformers Galaxy toy sales. Here at least, in Florida, the same T.F. Galaxy robots sat on shelves; other toy lines disappeared. That said I would surmise that Hasbro could definitely beef up kid appeal. I'm going to blame the stiff cartoon, which can't measure up to Star Wars action. Yes, the Transformers line has room to grow.

Chogokin toys, though, simply get better, more complex, more substantial, and-drat- more darned expensive. It almost appears that we've entered a Franklin Mint/Hummel/Madame Alexander age of diecast robots. They are being made for adult collectors and kids simply have to look from afar. It is a shamed. We do have some smaller diecasts that hover below the $50 mark but a $225 Aquarion is simply a tough, expensive, sale. The over $500 Daigokin Great Mazinga shatters the old envelope of "expensive toys".

In my eyes the vintage toys look better and better (heck, dare I say a bargain).

On a personal and RJ note we are experiencing a re-emergence from the search engines. It took a darned long time to switch from .html to .asp pages (Kudos to Josh B for his hard work). In that process google re-ranked the site. Our pages are back on the map and I'm seeing above 3000 unique visitors a day. Its pretty amazing to see the over 100,000 hits a day with visitors staying for over 10 minutes on average.

Let me thank our trusty bulletin board helpers. I've been busy building my fledgling new business-- Florida Real Estate. My deep gratitude goes out to the countless members assisting with our robot community.

As I, we, chart out the course for this new year you will see more photo cataloging. My aim is to photograph Japanese toys that may have slipped from memories. Also I intend on beefing up the current J-toy sections. Please send me an email with any articles you would like added or reviews.

Most importantly have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Your patronage has made Robot Japan a great community. Do well and have fun!


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