Robot-Japan Summit No. 2!!

on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

To be held on November 13, 2010


The second Robot-Japan summit is coming up soon!  Start making plans now to ensure that you can attend.  The summit is planned for November 13, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  As with the first summit held in 2008, this event will be held at Ed's (admin1) home, where his extensive collection of top choice toys will be on display.  Also planned is a trip to contributing editor/author Tattooo Jack's home where his amazing Transformers collection will be shown.  Feel free to bring any unique toys for show and tell!

DSC_0010 IMG_2027 IMG_2036 

IMG_2211 IMG_2248

This should not be missed!  The first RJ summit event was a true success.  Also planned is a trading table, so gather up your spare goodies.   Be sure to bring toys, bring trade material, bring cash, and prepare for some robot sales & trade.  The toys pictured just above (except for the first one of the trade table for the first summit) are for sale and trade....among others and whatever ever else our members bring.


One close-by hotel is this:

Comfort Inn & Suites (FL947)

875 - 94th Avenue, North, St. Petersburg, FL, US, 33702

  • Phone: (727) 563-9100
  • Fax: (727) 563-9401

Map/ Directions


email for help and questions: admin @

Also discuss it on the forum.



We have a LUCKY DRAW coming for Shogun Grandizer Jumbo!!

In a nut shell- I'm asking everyone to either get a friend to register on RJ, do a donation to RJ, or make a contribution to the site/forum.

After that put your name and last initial in the Lucky Draw thread. We'll draw a name to win a free Jumbo! The drawing will be at our Summit.

If you attend the summit you will get an extra chance to win.

Note, cash is much appreciated. We are paying for faster hosting+. One can use edward_t28 @ for any donations with . This will help defray new graphics, web developers, and hosting costs.

Also a SPECIAL thank you to Godaikin! He's donated this toy out of sincere kindness. We'd love to keep the community active, thriving, and as friendly as always. Networking is such fun.

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