Robot-Japan collection being sold at Morphy Auctions

on Tuesday, August 14, 2012.

Well with much consideration, consternation, resuscitation (after the near heart failure of friends), and eventual happiness, the RJ collection is now officially being sold. The robots that were purchased, cataloged, photographed, and then stored away all my life are now going to new homes. Good news for collectors, then this is good news for living a balanced life.

Visit for details and check out the Daikumaryu (skull dragon) thumb nail. It will open up to the, guffaw, “Ed Sandford Collection” sales link. Then there is a link for online bidding. Collectors can also visit the September 13th, 2012 event in person; I would prefer to see everyone and catch up in the flesh. The visits will actually be the most valuable part of the sale for me.

In case you wondered, this decision is a smart one when you consider that I live on a sand bar. St. Petersburg, FL is a wonderful place to live, however we have sun and salt and hurricanes. Yes hurricanes and flooding are truly a part of life. So holding a “library” of corrosion prone robots doesn’t make sense here. Theft and kids play a big part too as well as moving away from materialism. The joy of RJ and the site remains, but I want the toys to be fun. There is a burden of keeping so much.

So this will be a freeing event, an enjoyable event, and also represent a hedge on family plans and long term goals. There will be a smaller weight on my shoulders, as I know my collector friends can enjoy the toys and keep them preserved. My kids won’t be breaking valuables (hurricane kids) too, and the wife will get space back.

Then as I have matured as a collector I have gained a great appreciation for the anime and production art itself. The research remains encompassing, and then I look forward to going to Japan soon. Finding a few broken and loved toys overseas will be a goal. I have been a “curator” for many years and look forward to the unexpected find that can be played with.

So come to Denver, PA on Sept 13th and visit (around 2 PM). Come to bid if you can and, hopefully, find a good deal. See the toys as a museum exhibit if you wish. –Or you can visit via online bidding and enjoy some of the collection by mail. My hope is that members of the site and bulletin board enjoy these toys and find what they have been waiting for. There will be about 500 reference quality toys for sale soon!

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