Robot God Akamatsu, Vol. 1, Graphic Novel

on Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Fresh off the press is the new Robot God Akamatsu Graphic Novel.

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Robot God Akamatsu

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When an enormous monster rises out of the Atlantic to raid Boston, an ancient robot god awakens to defend the city. But is this mysterious robot Boston's defender, or it's enemy?
Robot God Akamatsu is a homage to the Super Robot genre of the late 1970's and early 1980's, which helped to shape the imagination of an entire generation. 

Other-dimensional giant monsters (Dai-Kaijus and NecroBeasts), lead by the malevolent Balan Uru attack Massachusetts. Robot God Akamatsu (RGA , for short) is awakened from his ancient slumber by modern science and ancient magic. RGA is piloted by the souls of three special humans and entrusted with the fate of defending the Earth!

RGA's story is about the relationship between a father and his estranged son, as well as the abuse of power and how far some are willing to go to see their goals met. It is a little bit Godzilla, a tad bit of Force Five and a mighty rocket punch of the Shogun Warriors.

Created by James Biggie (writer) & Frankie B, Washington (artist) with letters and edits by Josh Van Reyk (Letterer). The goal of Team RGA is to create six-issue comics which can be read on their own and also collected into a massive graphic novel volume.

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