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on Saturday, December 18, 2004.

Robosapien Radio Controlled Robot by Wow Wee

Just add Batteries to our Kids toy and Robot-it.

pckI didn't think I needed to test the new trend, but remember I Did just get married. .... So my good buddy Rich decided I needed a Robosapien robot and should give it a whirl.

"Just add batteries to your new present, and you should See all the things it does on QVC".

I now have a adopted mechanical room-mate.

QVC delivered the little bugger directly to my home in a perfectly packed cardboard box. According to the ad (which I didn't have a chance to see on TV) it was a limited edition. My guess is it was a limited QVC purchase. Then again, I find the purple/ dark blue visor unique to the Robosapiens I have seen in stores.

Robosapien Features and Instructions.

h3Good Word! This think has enough paperwork to challenge everyone who just mastered their VCR instructions (yes, we are in the age of DVD players). I found the literature well written with both wording and schematics for those who choose not to read the fine print. I, the former engineer, decided NOT to read the instructions. Oops! I don't suggest it. Imagine a staggering, belching, beaming, beast chasing the cat right after it bumped into my wife's legs. I lost a few thousand cool points for that fiasco.

So after a bit of experimenting I did read the instructions. The hand-held control unit is designed with a "Shift" similar to a keyboard. Only on Robosapien the shift also changes a light from Red to Green on the hand-held. Corresponding Red print or Green print is written onto the pad. Put on your glasses, but you will be able to figure most everything out after you use the shift a few times.

rockAs advertised it dances, farts, belches, cat-calls, rotates the arms, and even walks. It was quite amazing to see how much was pre-programed into the Robosapien toy. You can press a button and the speakers blare "You spin me right round baby right round" (by some lost-in-time 80's group known as Dead Or Alive ) and the the toy acts like a possesed and stiff drunken Ewok. It's not very elegant folks, but my god it works! To me this is a big accomplishment, because there hasn't been a semi-affordable robot toy that walks. Robosapien walks!

Actually the toy does a bit of a hobble from side to side. You will need to keep Robosapien on a level play ground, as it sometimes gets stuck by ledges. If it bumps into household goods, a sensor on the hand or foot detects this and stops the robot. "Ouch!" it often barks back. At that point you can rotate the toy over a range of 360 degrees to any new direction. I'm going to guess it hobbles at around 1 mile per hour at best.

Arms and grippers can pick up a bucket that is included. You will need patience and practice, because the pick-up movement is pre-programmed and the bucket must be at Robosapien's side. If your bucket is out of position it will just get batted away.

Overall Impression of RoboSapien Robot

robotWell kids and Big Kids, the toy is a giant step forward. I give WowWee kudos for the kneeling, walking, turning, and leg functions. I give them praise for the shoulder movements and arm movements that are programmed. What I do think really needs more refinement is the manual gripping. You will be able to move the hands up in the air, but then they will fall back down due to a lack of braking. Side movements are the same way; you can bend Robosapien sideways, but then it springs back and doesn't stay in position. As a result I just can't get the toy to pick up too much. That was my greatest disappointment. Next generation 'Sapien will need to stay bent as an operator picks up items and manipulates objects.

Until then we have a dancin' machine that truly has incredible qualities. It walks, responds to some sounds, has limited lifting skills, and can (most importantly) chase the household cat! Prepare to spend around $85 to purchase Robosapien and be sure to purchase the Batteries ahead of time. D Batteries and AAA are required.


More Robosapien Pictures below

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see larger pictuers. The Robosapien was shipped to me by QVC.

Heather and Robosapien toy Robot


Heather using the Radio Control unit to get a dance going.

Robosapien in carton.

Note the purple visor on Robosapien


Note the arm cables


Close up of the Wow Wee robot's head


Rear box features and text


The QVC shipping box and Robosapien


Robo on the move


Here is one of the Dance movements


Walking to the left


Poor Zeus.

Designed by a NASA scientist (on loan until they stop crashing his robots into mars), the RoboSapien features...

  • Real multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running, and turning.
  • Fast, full function arms with two types of grippers.
  • 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, kick, sweep,dance, fart, beltch, rap, and half-a-dozen different kung-fu moves.
  • Speaks fluent international "caveman".
  • Programmable "reflexes" to touch, pickup, kicks, or sound.
  • Up to 84 program steps, with 4 program modes for advanced operations
  • No computer required, all functions handled by ergonomic remote control.
  • Runs on regular batteries for over 6 hours.
  • Three demonstration modes: Disco dance, Rude behavior, and Kung Fu kata.
  • Simple enough for kids, advanced enough for adults, it's like a video game character for the home.

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