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Written by Myles on Monday, June 13, 2011.

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It always comes back to Mazinger (Maz as I lovingly call him).  From one of the most influential anime cartoons, Mazinger Z and his various incarnations keep popping up.  Whether it be the 46th Maz in the SOC line or a new toy line featuring Mazinger as its first outing, this robot is omnipresent.  

As I prepare yet another gallery entry about a Mazinger toy, it occurs to me that things will always return to this robot.  The same robot that started the Chogokin craze with GA-01, that started the Jumbo Machinder line, and also that started the Soul of Chogokin line, among many other toy lines, Mazinger is always at the forefront.

And its not just about issuing the same robot.  Its about retooling it, refreshing it.  But as we continue to complain about yet another Maz SOC (as we impatiently wait for many other unproduced robots to finally appear in our favorite toy line), we know that these Mazingers will continue to come in one incarnation or another, because Mazinger just sells.

As I write this article, I think back on many other recent articles focused on this very same robot.  Its never ending. Just accept the fact that you are going to be bombarded with Mazinger.  I have.

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