Red Power Ranger in NYC

on Wednesday, November 12, 2003.

Red Power Ranger in NYC

How Strange Can New York City Get?

Some of the regulars here at Robot-Japan have gotten hints of my recent trip to Toy Wishes 2003 in New York city. Now the dirt on my tour (with a 6 foot tall red power ranger)..........

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PR-kidslr PR-train Wild-Force-Red YodavsPower-Ranger

This Winter season brought the advertising staff of Bandai America and myself face to face once again in New York. It was nice to meet up and speak about the successes of Bandai's Power Rangers series and the famously successful SD Gundam line (Superior Defenders). SD is knocking the competition dead in toys stores around the U.S.. Power Rangers are famously popular these days too. Next came discussions about the upcoming Robot Japan drawing contest that will be held this winter.

'My hope is to have Bandai assist with some prizes for the contest.' said I. Then their eyes glazed over as I spoke the site and the foreign language of robotica (Godaikins and Popy). The smoke cleared. Their eyes refocused; smiles returned. Cliff said he would be able to assist. Smile. We thanked each other, then I pardoned myself to search the area for some lunch and H2O.

Sigh. Excellent, I though, that went well. Relief. It looked like we would be adding a few prizes to the lengthy list of donations. I was so excited for all the kids and fans who will be receiving these robot donations.

So I calmly meandered back after a brief snack of dusty soy crackers and pricey Dasani to gather bags left at the Bandai stand. Once again I took some time to express my gratitude and thank the staff.

"How are you getting home?" asked Cliff.

Personal question I thought, but, not thinking too much of my friendly host's query I replied 'I will be using the same route as I took down. It will be a quick subway ride to Grand Central Station , a brief transfer over from Broaday, and then a ride up the Hudson Line. It should take about 1 hour. Why?" My subconscious began to raise a warning flag.

"Well (pause) members of our team would like to offer you a gift. Smile. If you have transportation we would like to give you this Red Power Ranger. It is actually a life size mold from the actor in Wild Force Power Rangers. All you need to do is find a way to get it home. Now we want to give it to You since you are such a fan of Japanese toys!" We discussed the possibilities.

Giggle. -Smirk. -Spark. A revelation later came to me. 'You know I should use your suggestion. I'll take a taxi to Grand Central and then carry it home.'

Need I paint more of a picture?

Let me show some pictures of the journey home and state a few facts in closing. It was one heck of a fun, funny ride:

  • A 6 foot tall Power Ranger does not entirely fit in a taxi with a 5 foot 6 inch width.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force Helmets can neatly fit outside a New York Taxi window. Fabric collars are good pads for windows.
  • Construction workers tend to view Red Rangers as wearing leotards or tights.
  • Real men don't wear red tights and real men don't take taxi rides with mannequins in tights.
  • No, he's not an "adult" toy.
  • No sir, that is not the Flash's back end you are staring at from your SUV.
  • Gang members act like kids around Power Rangers. Red scarves match red tights.
  • Mannequins can't block your karate chops. They don't fight back.
  • No mam, that is not Superman.
  • Blond chicks with dogs dig men in tights.
  • No young boy, he is not alive or a member of the British Royal Guard.
  • Grand Central Station attendants have seen everything. They're great hosts and always smile.
  • No sir, he is not guarding the wheel chair spot of Metro North. He won't bite either.
  • Yoda can get jealous if a Red Power Ranger stands by him on the train (see below).
  • Hugging a Red Power Ranger mannequin and walking up hill tends to build up your calves and quads. : ). Oh, and it looks pretty weird.
  • Yes kid's You get it! He is a Red Wild Force Power Ranger.


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