Power Rangers DX Samurai Clawzord Megazord

on Monday, December 05, 2011.


Power Rangers DX Samurai Clawzord Megazord

Upon unveiling this Megazord, I have to say I was impressed with his size, and his layout inside his plastic tray that reveals all of his accessories. He is pretty tall sizing in at around 12" at the top of his shoulders. Makes for an impressive toy for any kid or collector. He has a "face dial" in the center of his chest, that upon turning can change his faces.

   Unlike typical transformations, the Clawzord features detacheable legs that flip over and re-attach to form his lobster-like transformation. He is made of dureable plastic so I am sure he can take a beating, or thrown across the room and still stay intact. Also, when combined with another Megazord from the line, can form a larger more impressive Megazord or "Ultimate Megazord". When he is in alternate mode, you can attach a Power Ranger action figure (sold seperately) to drive or control the Clawzord. when it comes to Megazords, you definitely can't go wrong. Be sure to scoop him up!!! Check out the Clawzord's picture gallery here.



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