Pirates Union Gokaio DX Megazord

on Thursday, December 15, 2011.

Hints of things to come-- Most likely the 2011 Japanese Pirates Union DX robot will come to the U.S. in 2012.  As always, the DX "Megazords" will be sturdy and likely have a few detailes removed for the U.S. release.  In return, the price point will be lower for American retailers.
Pirates Union DX Megazord
A rough Japanese translation is below:
Price 6,825 yen (tax included)
Date February 11, 2011 Release Date ※ (tentative) Please note it may vary by region, shops. 
Department Toy department, etc.
Target 3 years

History's Strongest Robot Super Sentai, born here! The robot's unite and complete units Gokaija Gokaimashin 5. Hatch expand the five-chi-go and turn the dial on the back! The emergence of deadly gun attack in the chest! 
Length scale of about 30cm big! The simultaneous release of "Go Chi Machine Series 01 Maji" Dragon coalescence and play it.

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