Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

on Monday, January 31, 2011.


The newest Perfect Grade kit is none other than the Strike Freedom Gundam! The Strike Freedom ZGMF-X20A, with its expandable Super Dragoons, is the largest PG kit ever released.  Shipping weight listed on BBTS is pushing 10 pounds!

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Completely new molds were used in the production of this kit and Bandai has outdone themselves when it comes to engineering something made of so many small (and not so small) parts, particularly in the joints and armor where the gold frame parts are viewable. Bandai has designed new, sturdier joints to hold this hefty kit once it is completed, and it includes weapons and accessories such as the Beam Shield, two Beam Rifles, two Railguns, eight Super Dragoons, a display base, and an LED unit for the head!  Plus Katoki Hajime's notorious plethora of markings. 

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Collectors will be getting gold colors in this latest kit.  Love it or hate it, Bandai is doing their best to out-do previous Perfect Grade toys.

Below are pictures from our member Dead-Man's Perfect Grade Strike Freedom.  Thanks Dead-Man for sharing!

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