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Written by Myles on Sunday, March 27, 2011.

Let me start off by saying that I hate losing auctions to just one other bidder.  I don't mind losing when I am further down the list, knowing that I never really had a chance.  But to come in second kills me.  If only that person did not see this auction.  If only they had other auctions they were saving for.  If only they forgot to bid.  If only I bid a little more.  If only I set my alarm clock for 5 AM to wake up just before the auction ended, rather than entering an early bid and revealing my hand.  If only...

What's done is done.  Let's talk about my discovery - a rare Daimos DX.  I was hoping to win this for the good of all our readers out there, so I can do a detailed review and share with the world all the different nuances, if any, of this rare version.  Yes, I only considered this purchase for you, our readers.  Not because I wanted a nice boxed Daimos.  ;)  Unfortunately, it was not to be.  All I can do is present a single, dark auction photo.  But its still enough to reveal the existence of this rare version. 

On to the toy itself.  First, a little background.  From the Godaikin entry on Wikipedia:

The line would continue with infrequent releases for another couple of years, largely repackaging overstock from Japan, where the Super Robot market was suffering something of a decline. Godaikin figures regularly ended up reduced in an attempt to sell, and large numbers of unsold units were shipped on to Europe and Australia, where they were repackaged once more and sold as part of Bandai's Robo Machine and Machine Men ranges respectively.

Furthermore, according to the Counter-X website:

Manufacturer: Bandai Europe
In Production: 1983-1988

Began as a European import of Bandai's Machine Robo series. Later morphed into a European version of Gobots, but also used as a coverall brand name for anything robotic Bandai were marketing in Europe, including Godaikin  overstock. The line received a small number of exclusive variants, and included a few figures not included in Machine Robo or Gobots.

And according to thomas, as quoted on ToyboxDX:

Yeah, Bandai shoved several Godaikin toys into their European Robo Machine line:

What I know of right now:
- Abega (Godaikin box w/ sticker)
- Vavilos
- Bio Robo (Godaiking box w/ sticker)
- Biodragon (Carrier)
- Gardian (Godaikin box with sticker)
- Daidenjin (or however you spell it)
- Dancougar (complete set)
- Dancougar Mammoth (apparently not the others)
- Dynaman
- Granbirth (only read about that one)
- Bismarck (as a villain!)
- Laserion (Godaikin box with sticker)

Some of these were sold in US Godaikin boxes with a "Robo Machine" sticker slapped over the logos.

So we know that these Popy toys were later released in the US, Europe, and Australia under different names, although the number of releases were limited under the different lines.  Well, it seems that Daimos actually was also released under the Robo Machine line.  Here's the item I missed out on.  We can now add it to the list above.




EDIT: (yes, this is an edit before it was ever really published - read on)

Well, when it rains, it pours.  After losing on the above auction, I create the article above and posted it for all of 5 minutes.  For within that time frame, I am alerted to yet another online auction for one by RJ member zeomare.  So the article is pulled and remains in limbo for another week, while I excrutiatingly wait for the time to pass.  A few other auctions of interest pop up, but I skip them because of this one.  Finally, the day has arrived.  And yet, another week, the same result.  Outbid again.  C'est la vie.  Anyway, at least I can present clearer photos, and also photos of a Robo Machine Gardian, where the sticker is obvious (as opposed to the Daimos, where the box is printed with Robo Machine and yet it still includes Godaikin instructions). 

Daimos_Robo_Machine_2_s Daimos_Robo_Machine_3_s

Gardian_Robo_Machine_1_s Gardian_Robo_Machine_2_s Gardian_Robo_Machine_3_s

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