MP-03G Ghost Starscream Masterpiece

on Thursday, February 17, 2011.

As has recently been the case with other Masterpiece toys, Takara is now offering a re-coloration of MP-03G  Starscream.  Only in this case, Ghost Starscream has quite a following.  Dare I say that this is a bit of a unique offering?

ss1 ss2-1 ss3 ss4

MP-03G Ghost will have some nice red and blue translucent parts to go with clear molded body panels.  Below the clear, you can see most of the inner mechanics.

ss5 ss6 ss7

If you haven't held a Seeker masterpiece before, you will find the design to be a bit frustrating.  Then after some time, a puzzle that gets faster to complete.  Finally, you might call the "toy" a Masterpiece.  MP-03G Ghost Starscream probably will make a better conversation piece though as a static model that is clearly an icon meant for an older crowd.


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