MISB Toy Robot Boxes 2006

on Thursday, May 11, 2006.

State of the MISB Box

box-in-boxThe other day I just stopped by a rabid Transformers fan's home ready to check out his collection. He was in the process of selling off a few of his treasures and was getting down to the primo items. Just the other day he sent off some toys to be graded & as I drove up I could see trouble. He had a bad day.

'What's the problem?' I ask as he stares at the computer, grading web site in view.

"I'm sweating it. I just sent this primo Megatron over to - - - and I'm concerned they may reject it."

'Reject it. I thought they garde them all?'

"No, they only grade MISB (Mint in sealed box) toys."

So began a tale of stomach churnings, worry, dispair, and YES, rejection. The company rejected his MISB Megatron because the tape aged. It "looked like" it may have lifted.

Let me raise the voice of concern and reason. How about opening those boxes and seeing if the toy is broken, complete, tarnished, or scratched?

I think my few MISB toys have powdered and yellowed tape. It made me begin to wonder-- How important is the state of the box & state of the seal to me and to my friends in the hobby?

State of the Seal

It just seems downright unfair to lose out on grading due to the life cycle of cellophane tape. If your tape falls off or "appears tampered with" you are out of luck. Tape just degrades. Plastic adheasive powders away with time.

Lord help you if you store items around any heat.

BUT, judging be the premiums paid on ebay I sure see "value added" in this grading. Megatron or Jetfire sealed can sell for well over $2500. Amazing.

Will sellers start faking tape & sealed toys?

I just don't agree with making a mass produced toy "rare" simply by it having a super special finger-print and crese free life. I do justify a premium, just not an obsurd premium.


MISB Robot Boxes-- Final thoughts

Grumblings aside, it does make sense to pay extra for incredible boxes. In my experience great boxes often come with complete toys. It helps you feel confident in the contents being well preserved.

However don't ask me to pay a super premium for MISB. After first hand experience seeing factory toy flaws, it is a pleasure to open that box, inspect the contents, BE SURE the toy works, check for flaws, and enjoy the true product; not just the box!

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