Justin Bieber and mRobo Ultra Bass Toy Robot

on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

You heard it right, -snicker-, there is a reason to cover Justin Bieber!  The ultra teenie heart throb just announced the mRobo speaker at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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Justin got together with music journalist Allison Hagendorf to unveil the mRobo Ultra Bass portable speaker at the TOSY stand of the International Consumer Electronics Show.  He was clearly taken with the funky white figure – whose speaker is oddly placed in the pelvis area.

TOSY Robotics, isa Vietnamese high-tech toys company, the mRobo Ultra Bass is a portable speaker that can dance. The robot has a 2GB internal memory and will hit the streets in the fall 2012 for $199. Navigating the mRobo is easy through a remote control. It’s able to store about 500 songs, and delivers the sound through an integrated speaker. Uploading music is possible through USB connectivity, but it’s also able to stream music via Bluetooth.


mRobo will automatically convert the music sound into dance by transforming, growing a head, legs and arms. Whether you play rocks, pop, or reggae, mRobo will respond with corresponding moves. Don’t worry, it comes equipped with a unique software to analyze music for beats and rhythms. It’s a fun way in enjoying music.  To quote some new ads-- "Your kids will love it too. When the music stops, it will transform back into its origin shape, a compact speaker."

Weighing at about 3.3 pounds, the travel-friendly mRobo measures only 4.3 inches (W) x 6.3 inches (L) x 7.9 inches (H).

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