GI Joe-Formers Custom Robots

on Wednesday, February 16, 2011.

Getter Black has gone to the furnaces of Hades and stolen back some near-dead robots.  He then visited the G.I. Joe purgatory.  As an art aficionado, I feel this may be best described as Joe-Formers Pop Art.

Notice too that a few Gundams have been blended together to add a nice finish to the work.  Stick in some epoxy, some hot glue, a dab of Testors and voila!

Albegas-Megazord-tf Chromedome-GI-Joe-Transformer Gundam-Transformer-Joe Mighty-Morphin-mashup

 Transformer-mash-upRobot-gi-joe-art Transformer-Art 

Enjoy the photos that harken to the days of Gundam super-accessory sets and Korean flair.



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