Hurricane Polimar

on Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Hurricane Polymer_3

Hurricane Polymar is a Japanese anime series that first aired in 1974 and was produced by Tatsunoko Productions.  The show involves a man named Takeshi Yoroi, a skilled martial artist who fights crime while wearing a special suit and assuming the identity of Hurricane Polymar.  When wearing the suit, he has superhuman speed, strength, & agility, and he is immune to bullets, heat, and poisonous gasses. His suit is made of memory plastic which enables him to assume different shapes, including five vehicles known as the Polymar Machine (race car), Polymar Drill (underground burrowing vehicle), Polymar Hawk (jet), Polymar Grandplus or Granpass (submarine), and Polymar Roller (tank).  

Bill (bt1) has compiled one heck of an amazing Hurricame Polimer collection!  Check out the detailed gallery entries on these rare toys, from the vehicles made by Takatoku to the character made by Grip.


Polimar Drill

Polimar Granpass

Polimar Hawk

Polimar Machine

Polimar Roller

Hurricane Polimar

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