Gyakutenoh !!! Ippatsuman

on Saturday, April 09, 2011.


  Gyakuten! Ippatsuman was a Japanese Anime TV broadcast from February 13, 1982 to March 26, 1983, comprising 58 episodes. It is the fifth entry to the Time Bokan series by Tatsunoko Productions and the first series to feature a super as the main hero. The series succeeded Yattodetaman and preceded Itadakiman in 1983. The titular character is playable in the fighting game Tatsunoku vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars.

     Packing some weight, this little guy has character, and diecast. Not very big by any means but is pretty cool regardless. He stands at a mere 5.5" tall from toe to top of head piece, and 3.25" wide at the shoulders. The primary amount of diecast lays in the legs, particularly the shin/calf sections. He features the typical black, gold, red, and chrome color scheme. Although, his entire upper chest plate is gold plated which makes him rather blingy. His range of movement is limited allowing head rotation, forward and backwards arm rotation, and 45 degrees worth of leg movement. Gyakutenoh's solid lower leg construction allows him to be very stable while standing, which is definitely great for display purposes.

   As for accessories, the figure himself comes with spring loaded black fists that eject from the arm socket. He comes with a red plastic jet pack housed with 3 prongs to perfectly fit Gyakutenoh. He sports a black horned shield, and arched chrome sword that is 4.25" in length. He also has a few missiles that can replace his fists and can be fired. The box measures 7"H x 6"W x 2.75D. If you get a change to pick this little guy up, he's is definitely more than worth it. And for those who are on a budget (like myself), it works out just right. :) Check out in depth photos by clicking here...


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