Grendizer Jumbo Machinder Restoration

Written by Myles on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

I have long wanted to fix up my Grendizer Jumbo Machinder.  This one is the Mattel European version (the Japanese version is a definitive upgrade with molded chest and groin pieces, different legs, two fists, and a tilting head so it fits in the Spacer).  This toy stood battle worn on my shelf for close to 10 years.  The chest sticker was torn and I was missing the harikens.

DSC 0250_thumb DSC 0253_thumb

With so many of our Robot-Japan forum members making new parts (including kitsir's amazing work on all manner of rare Jumbos), I decided now was the time to do this. With bourno's repro harikens and willohio's repro stickers, I managed to finally get this guy presentable again. I was going to leave the yellow groin sticker in its original state, but after applying the chest and knee stickers, I decided to make that look crispy too (especially since it appeared to have water stains - might not show up on the photos, but definitely visible in person).

The final product:

DSC 0254_thumb DSC 0255_thumb

Side-by-side comparison of before/after shots:

Grendy restoration_article_thumb

I'm ecstatic to have this guy looking top notch again. Thanks guys for your hard work!!  If anyone wants to have similar results, contact these guys through the forum.  



Note:  I understand that there are those who are strongly opposed to repairs of these vintage toys.  The primary fear is that these may in turn be sold to unsuspecting buyers as original stickers and parts.  Personally, I have no intention of ever selling this.  But if you fix up one of your toys and resell it, hopefully you will be upfront about the work done on it.  ;)

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