Gatchaman God Phoenix by Unifive

Written by Jack on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.


Gatchaman God Phoenix by Unifive

Upon receiving this goody, I was like "whoa the box is pretty heavy"... usually a good thing.

The Vinyl Phoenix: 

So I took the box out and noticed one larger box sleeve with 2 smaller boxes in inside it. One contained the God phoenix Jet, the Other the vinyl Fire Phoenix....... I think conceptually the vinyl is pretty cool, and it's pretty large measuring close to 18" in length. I found the head and the underbelly were sort of difficult to pop into place. It's cool to look at but displayability is minimal, as opposed to the Jet itself which comes with a nifty little stand. There is another issue that i will touch on a bit later.

The God Phoenix Jet:

As for the god Phoenix jet itself, it is definitely gratifying to pick up. It has a nice setup in the styrofoam insert it sits in. The jet is quite bulky and heavy containing a generous amount of diecast for it's size. The jet measures 8.75" in length, 7" in width, and approximately 2.25" in height w landing gears down. So it's a nice sized toy no doubt. This thing is packed with all the bells and whitles. There's definitely pros and cons to this like any other toy that has a lot of extra features. Me personally I am a fan of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly). The mini Jet fits nicely in the flip down split doors on the rear of the jet and slides inside with ease.

The other mini figures fit inside the flip down comparments in the tips of the wings. They are somewhat tricky to get in there as some of the parts are quite small, and if you are anything like me and possess bulky fat man hands, it can make things tricky lol. The top of the jet has a spring loaded button that when pressed, releases the gimmick missile doo-dad. The tip of the God Phoenix is removeable. The buttons on the side of the jet release the two prongs that extend out and house the racecar mini. Pretty sweet, although the nose cone tends to pop off rather easily which becomes annoying. My favorite feature so far by far would have to be the adjustable intake vents on the side of the jet. The lever for these is on the under belly and slide with ease and are smooth in operation. The landing gears are a bit tricky to get out as well, unless you have skinny child fingers. The wings of the God Phoenix themseves are slightly adjustable vertically just like in the anime.

On The Stand:

The God Phoenix perches very nicely on the 2-piece stand that comes with this set. It sits quite securely and doesn't feel risky for tipping over. Onthe stand, it's just the right height to see all angles of the jet including portions of the under belly exposing the landing gears and flip down bays to release mini vehicles.


Just like in the cartoon, when the God Phoenix becomes the Fiery bird, the toy itself can combine and fit into the vinyl toy. Awesome concept! Although I found this to be a difficult combination to achieve. Aside from the super tight compartment thats tricky to pop back in, getting the jet inside is even harder. The nose cone of the jets falls off frequently plus the thin top fins of the jet become stressed  when trying to fit it inside. I didn't even attempt to try and fit the bottom panel on to avoid any breakage. I would've been fine with this toy without the bulky vinyl, but that's just me.


Overall, I would rate this toy an 7.5 out of 10. The diecast design is what won my heart and vote, but i think overcomplicating it with excessive gimmicks that are risky and semi-flimsy is better left out. A Sweet display piece for sure and for the right price, pick one up!

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