Fewture Models Gatchaman II coming!

on Friday, December 30, 2011.

EX alloy Gatchaman Ⅱ 

Artstorm and Fewture Models will soon be releasing an exciting rendition of the Gatchaman II jet for kids and collectors alike.  The toy will feature diecast as well as ABS and should feature some exciting details like anime correct landing gear and awesome paint work.


New God Phoenix prototype production: Manabe Shoichi

Product specification: Non scale paint being completed die-cast model

Product size: New God Phoenix/approximately 305mm  G-1~5/approximately 20~22mm

Material: Die-cast ABS PVC POM

Set contents: New God Phoenix, eagle sharp and condor attacker, o toss one, [suwaroheriko], [hondotanku] and the based stand

Price for new God Phoenix: 24,800 Yen (including tax) sale

Schedule time: 2012 June Animation 'scientific ninja party [Gatchaman]Ⅱ'

Rough Translation-- From, “new God Phoenix” multi-layerization! Good point such as the detail which is reproduced precisely by Shoichi Manabe and the gimmick which can reproduce the takeoff of the G mechanic it is many, one body where the play value is high. As for the landing gear replacement is not with development is possible. In addition, it loads also the takeoff gimmick of [hondotanku] by the spring.

newgodphoenix3 newgodphoenix4

newgodphoenix4 newgodphoenix5

newgodphoenix6 newgodphoenix7

newgodphoenix9 newgodphoenix10


*Actual product timing and details may differ.

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