Exkaiser Lucky Draw

on Tuesday, March 29, 2011.


Brave Exkaiser is a Japanese Anime show that began in 1990, created by Sunrise under the direction of Katsuyoshi Yatabe on NagoyaTV network, and is the first of the long running Yuusha or "Brave" metaseries funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise. The story takes place on a present day Earth that was secretly visited by a group of space police led by Exkaiser who were chasing after an evil gang of energy beings called The Geisters (led by Dino Geist). Upon arriving on Earth, Exkaiser and his team called the "Kaisers" put their spirits into vehicles all over Japan so that they could convert them into transformable bodies for themselves.

   Exkaiser is a Space police robot that transforms into a car form. His powered up transformation exchanges the normal appearance of his chestplate for a lion's head motif.

   Overall a pretty cool toy..... impressively big as well. He stands a whopping 11.5" tall. This happens to be the Limited Edition Lucky Draw version. The standard version is deco'd in white with red and blue trim. There are 2 robots. The small one which transforms from car to robot, fits inside of the chest of the larger Exkaiser. When the lion adorned chest plate is flipped down, a little spring loaded lever is activated which causes Exkaiser's face plate to swing down, revealing his chiseled robo face. This guy is quite bright.....in fact he is blindingly bright in adequate lights. Of course latex gloves were used to execute the transformation, and i do believe my hands were the only hands to grace this robot's flashy exterior. The only negative thing about this toy would be the zero amount of diecast in it. Aside from it being a conversation starting piece, it feels slightly cheap when held. The tires are made of plastic as well, not rubber. But nonetheless a cool piece and if given the opportunity to get him again I would.

Be sure to check out detailed pics in the toy gallery......click here to see :oP


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