East Coast Summit 2004

on Saturday, August 14, 2004.

East Coast Robot Summit 2004

For those of you who missed it, I thought you would enjoy a brief synopsis of the 2004 East Coast Toy Summit. Josh Bernard graciously opened his home to food, folks, fun, and frenzied toy trading.

dudes-chogokinAs always it was a delight to meet up with collectors like Josh Bernard, Allen Yen, and the entire East coast clan. I'm a transplant. See, ages ago I heard the myth of chogo-trading the the far reaches of Massachusetts. I thought I would never attend. Fate was on my side and my job relocated me to the New York metro area.......Josh B. adopted my chogokin ways and sent my second invite.

This year we had the honor of meeting up with Russell, RMC, of England and got a chance to see Korean bootleg robots sent in by Alex. I was impressed at how multi-national the event was. Alex was out of sight but not out of mind and Russell was, well, THERE. I was shocked.

So now to the good stuff. We had an SOC Dancouga here, a Gaiking vinyl there (from Josh Fraiser of course), assorted older Shogun Warriors, Korean bots, Gundams, and then a spattering of mid-aged chogokin. (Metal robots for you non-hobby folks). It was a pleasure to trade.

Loot2-1To me the highlight was Keith's kind-hearted gesture to raffle off-- get this-- a mint in box Xabungle robot by Clover. How cool can you get and how generous can you get!! Thanks for the sacrifice Keith. It was fitting that Russell won the prize.

Now relax and enjoy the pictures below. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed meeting everyone; it was a pleasure!


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