Daltanious Soul of Chogokin is Coming!

on Thursday, October 07, 2010.

Yes the news hit RJ forum earlier, but here is the condensed version.  Bandai is offering a new SOC Daltanious!  

Once this toy entered main-stream conscience in the 70's, lions and robots fit like peanut butter and chocolate-- odd yet tasty.


You can see the new lion sculpt, for good or bad, and then more poseability.  -The Daltanious flame sword is a killer.

2 4 compareSOC1 daltanius

Above are SOC Daltanious pictures of prototypes.  Below are concept drawings.

SOCDaltanius007 SOCDaltanius008 SOCDaltanius009 SOCDaltanius010 SOCDaltanius011


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