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on Monday, December 27, 2010.

Robocop 2

"I'm making the Robocain robot from Robocop 2, it will be in 1/6th scale about 484mm tall. This is the real puppet from the film, approx 250mm tall.  I started on January the 1st, 2010."  Now that almost 365 days have elapsed, the robot is coming to life. 
DSC085891 DSC085301
Final completion details are under-way.  Below are two reference photos of Robocain.  Since then the studio prop hasn't been seen (or photographed) in some time.  Most work was painstakengly done by hand via machining and scaling from movie prop photos.
Tippett Studios appearsto have credit for the first stop-motion creation.  Their work was photographed and posed frame by frame to animate, the pre-digital animation "way".
Studio Prop Robocain 1 cain21 
Then below are the first photos of what has turned out to be a YEAR project! 
DSC083771 DSC084161 DSC084321
DSC084441 DSC084851 DSC085091
Be sure to check out all the sticky details on the web site:
Here are the latest photos as of 12/25/10:
Near Final robot assembly DSC096081
Then current coverage on on the RJ bulletin board here:

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