Collector's Corner #15

on Tuesday, November 01, 2011.

Spotlight On... Nyonk (Yoyong Liadi)

Where do you live (general location only)?

Bandung City, Indonesia


How long have you been collecting?

Well, let me see i think its already 4 years now.


What got you started on collecting these toys?

Actually, from one of my airsoftgun buddy, he told me that theres a new Voltes toy from Bandai, and I was like "no way". but then I told him to buy one and show it to me.  Then after he showed it to me, my days of collecting robots began.

These are my first three Godaikins:

Google V MIB, Voltes Loose, Godsigma Loose

Godaikins s


What do you collect?

Mostly robots (Godaikin, some Takatoku, SOCs, etc.)


What is your collecting philosophy (only purchase MIB, save and seek out specific items, etc.)?

Budget!!  Not all of my collection items are MIB or MISB.  Back then i tried to collect (especially vintage) in whatever condition as long as it is still decent, as long as nothing is broken. Loose and no assesories is not my first priority.


Approximately how many items do you own (if you are comfortable answering)?

Its easier to answer this in pictures.  I'm sure someone out there has more, but still, it would be too much trouble to name it one by one (too lazy to be honest).

Left / middle / right displays

Left display_s Mid display_s Right display_s


How do you display them (i.e., in or out of boxes, grouping, etc.)?

Out of boxes, of course.  I love to pose them, well mostly in museum pose but I love to play with them sometimes and try to find a cool poses for them, especially SOCs.

Voltes pose_s Daitarn pose_s


Are any items in your collection from your childhood (i.e., specifically owned and played with as a child)?

Nope, all lost in my childhood.  Some of them were given to someone else by my mother, some of them were damaged during battle with my friend's robots.  Hahaha!

What is your favorite piece?

SOC Voltes V


What is the most rare and/or unique piece in your collection?

Everything is unique in its own way - in the details, remembering all the childhood memories with them, remembering all the effort and the hunt just to have them. So everytime I look at them, they are not just toys.

For custom toys, i love my Kenichi Gou.

Custom figure_s Custom figure_2_s Custom helmet_1_s Custom helmet_2_s


What is at the top of your WANT list (if you are comfortable answering)?

Aanother display cabinet for the middle cabinet replacement - ahahahhaah.. Damn expensive now to make a custom display.


How does your significant other (if you have one) feel about your collection?

Well the first 2 years of my collecting days were so hard, there were arguments about money of course (I guess I did spend too much), and then there was lack of quality time because I was in front of my computer hunting for toys. But after that, we all survived until now. LOL - nice memory.


Do you have any good collecting stories you wish to relate (i.e., an amazing find or haul, meeting fellow collectors, etc.)?

An amazing haul was when I contacted everyone in my blackberry contacts, and asked them if they still have Godaikin stuff in their house. Eventually one of my friends said yes, and he sold them to me at a very low price. The best haul in my life so far.


Are there any toys you would like to see made?

YES!!!  The rest of the Godaikins that hasn't gotten the SOC treatment, and a BANDAI official Big Falcon.


What do you most get out of this hobby (friendship, joy, escape from everyday life, etc.)?

The feeling standing in front of the toy store display, drooling, amazed, and don't want to go home without one in my hand when i was a kid, everytime i look at my display.

And ofcourse friends, joy and eveything that comes with friendship.


Any final thoughts you wish to relate?

Robot Japan is one of my favourite foreign forums.  Please keep up the good work, keep all the spirits and friendship in RJ.

You guys inspired me so much.

Thank you

Make Love Not War

Peace s

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