Collector's Corner #14

on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

Spotlight On... redkris (Nur Krishna S)


Where do you live (general location only)?

Jakarta, Indonesia


How long have you been collecting?

5 years


What got you started on collecting these toys?

When I was a kid, I only could see the Godaikin display in the store, I could not afford to buy them. My father knew my sadness, but he also had no money to buy the toys for me.

He came to me and said, be patient kris, I would try to buy what you wish - no matter how hard, I will try. (I just got to know now that he searched for loan money to buy the toy)

After a few days, suddenly my father brings me a Voltes Godaikin that I want so much.

Thanks Daddy - I love you very  much (I miss him now..may you rest in peace)

Since then I began to collect all varieties of Voltes V.

Voltes Series


 V1 s V3 s V4 s V5 s

V2 s V6 s V7 s


What do you collect?

I’m specializing in collecting vintage toys.  Until now, I’m trying hard to collect what I believed to be a holy grail of each toy manufacturer (like Bullmark, Godaikin, Takatoku, Takara, and etc.).

2 s 3 s 20 s 21 s

4 s 27 s 17 s

5 s 6 s 10 s 16 s

7 s 8 s 24 s

26 s 22 s 15 s 19 s

13 s 9 s  12 s

18 s 23 s 

1 s 11 s

25 s 30 s

28 s 29 s


What is your collecting philosophy (only purchase MIB, save and seek out specific items, etc.)?

I have my own philosophy when buying or searching the toys. The toys must meet my criteria such as they must be >30 cm or 12 inch tall, diecast or vinyl.  I’m not a perfectionist on collecting toys, as long as the toys are not broken, fair condition, I will take them.  Its more satisfying if they include the boxes.  Some people I met locally have tendencies to have perfect toys, they must be included with boxes, never opened.  They store their collections in big box. Just curious, why buy the toys but they could not enjoy the toys itself? Some quote from my friend “the toys are meant to be broken by kids; they gave happiness to kids all over the world.  If it is not broken then they are only selfish toys.”


Approximately how many items do you own (if you are comfortable answering)?

I currently have approximately 70 – 100 items, not much I guess.  This can vary almost daily however, since I oftentimes sell off common items to fund limited edition purchases.


How do you display them (i.e., in or out of boxes, grouping, etc.)?

Since the first years I collected them, I only kept them in their boxes.  Recently I just bought a cabinet but it turned out to be too small for my collection.  I only display the toys I often play with.  Sitting in front of the cabinet and drinking coffee for hours is very satisfying only to watch them.

r1 s r2 s r3 s r4 s

r5 s r6 s


Are any items in your collection from your childhood (i.e., specifically owned and played with as a child)?

I wish I could say yes…. But all toys I’ve got since I was a kid are missing.

I began to realize and regret it nowadays - it took a lot of my parent's effort to buy something special for his kid and make him happy,  but I could not appreciate their efforts.  *sigh*

Now…in order to honor them I’m trying to rebuy again what they gave me, and I realize how hard it is..


What is your favorite piece?

That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t be able to pick a single one if you asked me, but can list a few that are at the top. They are all Holy Grails I guess.  Here are some :

Mekanda Robo, Daibaron DX.

mekanda.jpg s


What is the most rare and/or unique piece in your collection?

The rarest piece would be my Mekanda Robo and Daibaron DX figures. Though it is not one of the oldest items released, it is highly limited and expensive.


What is at the top of your WANT list (if you are comfortable answering)?

Since I’m a Voltes lover, at the top of my want list is the impossible to find is Sofubi Voltes V. It is the rarest toy ever produced and also dead stock.


How does your significant other (if you have one) feel about your collection?

My wife allowed me to dedicate an activity  in the house for my collection. She would never tell me no unless I’m doing something unreasonable, like go to night club… LOL.  She has absolutely zero interest in my hobby but accepts it and is even supportive of it.


Do you have any good collecting stories you wish to relate (i.e., an amazing find or haul, meeting fellow collectors, etc.)?

A Gassin Hiraida Daibaron DX (1977) by BULLMARK (the Leg of Daibaron) is the most difficult figure I ever search, it took 7 months only to wait and watched Yahoo Auction Japan (YAJ). Every 3 days I came around and back often to see if there is the leg that would show up.

14 s

Besides the stories, locally we are often visiting other collectors, like recently my friend Sal7 and the rest come to my house and have a chit chat about the robots.

f1 s f2 s f3 s


Are there any toys you would like to see made?

If Solar Bird (Combining Big Falcon + Solar Bird on Voltes V Anime) was to be made in big scale size, it would be very impressive.

solar s


What do you most get out of this hobby (friendship, joy, escape from everyday life, etc.)?

The toys are a universal language for toy lovers.  Any people from different places all over the world, different languages, ages speak one language... which is the toys.

How they love the toys, the beauty of them, the stories behind their collections, like and dislike stories.


Any final thoughts you wish to relate?

As I said many times to fellow friend collectors, if you join a toy community, you have to know that  a toy community  is supposed to be sharing (sharing pics, info, links).  You can make friends all over the world, extend the knowledge, help each other. Put away your selfish egos, your arrogant behavior, pretending that you have all the most top toys, underestimate newbie - that kind of attitude only shows you how fragile you are, a lonely soul.

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