Japanese Robots-Chinese New Year 2003

on Thursday, January 23, 2003.

The Chinese New Year Has Just Dawned.....


The Chinese New Year has just dawned and it is time to stop, reflect, plan, and appreciate the wonderful past and promising future. Robot-Japan has grown by leaps and bounds and, more importantly, allowed users to network. Thank you everyone for all of the hard work, sharing, and contributions to the site. We all appreciate the work!


In my time of growth since the last commentary, I must admit that I’ve loosened up on my “Prime Directive”. Diecast robots rock, but there is more the world than diecast. I have gained a more well-rounded appreciation for the other Japanese robot incarnations. As a result, Robot-Japan will be growing and maturing, and (more importantly) evolving! Yes, Gundam toys, plastic transformers, and Bandai Power Rangers are waging wars within the imaginations of youth today. Robot-Japan must capture the youth’s interest and remain dynamic.

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Do I want to relinquish my bias towards good old diecast Japanese robots? No. I don’t think I can. But I do think that there can be more balance towards the new trends, upcoming products, and fun cheap toys. Not all play things must be the best or most collectible. Kids need to be able to afford robots and get a chance to play. Imagination can overtake price and rarity. If a robot toy is fun I want to share in the news.


My hope is that Robot-Japan can serve the parallel needs of a vintage robot picture Encyclopedia and then also cover some new products. I invite users to chew the fat on the revamped BBS, send in articles by using the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and assist the promotion of this growing site.


You may not realize it, but Robot-Japan has ballooned in size and now distributes Business volumes of bandwidth. The web has grown from over 50 megabytes in size to over, get this, 300 MB of disk space. There are over 3000 pictures on the site! Regular contributions will quickly eat into the allotted 500 MB of space we have. I welcome that “problem”—continual growth.


There are also plans to create a Microsoft SQL Server database for robots. Numerous users have requested an easier way to perform robot searches. Not everyone thinks the same way so I will attempt to produce some “smart logic” into the search engine. It will be trial, error, sweat, and success. Imagine searching for “Green 6 inch robot Transformer” and getting Takemi as a result. It will be a challenge.


Finally I have to voice an apology and clarification on my past robot opinions and editorial. I would have loved to collect everything r obot. I could not. As a result I choose to “specialize” in my area of happiness—diecast robots. When I began collecting these creatures were affordable and were readily available. Yes, new old stock was around and prices were close to the old retail.


Then I never meant to knock Jumbo Machinders, plastic robots, or tin toys. Sometimes I poke fun of other robot forms. The commentary is meant for fun and raising ire and debates. Each form or toys has its advantages. But given more assistance, time, and space I would like to cover those areas too. I will be trying to reduce my ignorance and get experts in these other areas to share. Robot-Japan will be expanding into other robot collecting areas with the help of experts and BBS members.


As a final point I want the site to GROW. Kids are key. I would like for the young collectors and toy enthusiast to share and assist me. Your views shape the site. Please share the site with the young ones and WRITE. I would love to post your thoughts, editorials, and reviews!


Thank you! I greatly appreciate all of your assistance. Robot-Japan will be growing and evolving based on YOUR needs. My policy is “continual improvement” and “continual growth” of the site. Your contributions and e-mail provide the best method of shaping Robot-Japan.

May you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



Edward S.

Editor of Robot-Japan

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