Botcon 2013 Details and Transformers

Written by Ed on Monday, July 01, 2013.

TFormers member Jack has been kind enough to share Botcon 2013 pictures and coverage details with RJ.  It looks like the coming year will be a banner one for G1 toys and Transformers remasterings.  

BotCon 2013 - Tranformers 30th Anniversary 30 Figures Project Revealed Image 3  scaled 600


Tformers is just in from BotCon 2013 day 3 and have some big news about the Hasbro Transformers 30th anniversary 30 figures program. Hasbro's representative Josh Lamb informed us Hasbro will be selection 30 special figures numered from 1 to 30 to promote through out the next year of the 30th anniversary. Already we know that Platinum edition Ultra Magnus will be #3, Gimlock vs. Bruticus will be #4 and the Predaking G1 set will be #10. We are told more details will be revealed during the Hasbro products panel today so check back for the full details then.

BotCon 2013_-_Tranformers_30th_Anniversary_30_Figures_Project_Revealed_Image_1__scaled_600nBotCon 2013_-_Tranformers_30th_Anniversary_30_Figures_Project_Revealed_Image_3__scaled_600 BotCon 2013_-_Tranformers_30th_Anniversary_30_Figures_Project_Revealed_Image_4__scaled_600

BotCon 2013_-_Tranformers_30th_Anniversary_30_Figures_Project_Revealed_Image_5__scaled_600 BotCon 2013_-_Tranformers_30th_Anniversary_30_Figures_Project_Revealed_Image_6__scaled_600 BotCon 2013_-_Tranformers_30th_Anniversary_30_Figures_Project_Revealed_Image_9__scaled_600

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