Bombs Away......

on Sunday, March 20, 2011.


"You don't get as old as Highbrow without fighting a lot of desperate, can't-win battles. He's been through his share, and come out on top, every time."

    As for a newer toy, I do respect this one in particular for a few different reasons: One being the unique vehicle mode vintage WWII style twin engine bomber, gives it a little more character than alot of the OMG let's re-run the same thing over and over again. But it does appear that Hasbro put a little more time into the concept and design of this one. The second thing I like is the solid feel it has despite being entirely made of all plastic. Wouldn't it be nice if these newer ones had some diecast? LOL It totes a fairly basic transformation, which I find appealing as well. The one thing that may be not as desireable is the baby blue underbelly paint scheme......Over a pretty cool newer toy. And for roughly $20 I suppose you can't beat it. Cool enough to display nonetheless. More pics click here.


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