Beetleborgs Boron DX

on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.


Suprisingly, Bandai's Beetleborgs Boron is an interestingly pretty cool toy. Not to mention a tongue twister to say lol. This guy showed his face in 1997 and I am sure not alot of folks expected this toy to be anything special. But to some suprise Boron ended up being something somewhat substantial. Toting a 9 1/2" box, the actual toy is approximately slightly over 8" which is considerably tall, and is considered to be a DX robot. The majority of the body is all diecast, with the shoulders packing some metal as well. The only flaw I have noticed with this piece would be the little rubbery feet on the back of the robot which are the beetle's feet. They are not securely fasted which allows them to pop off very easily. can be a bit annoying, but not the end of the world in the full scope of the overall toy. He is worth the buy if you happen to catch him at a decent price. Check it out. Click here for pics<<<<<<


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