Atranger Robot - Dynamite Action Number 4

on Saturday, May 05, 2012.

Coming soon from Evolution Toys!

Dynamite Action Number 4--Atranger is coming soon!


Translation (rough) from the web site: Union robot of legend at dynamite action revival decision!! As for details future announcement schedule coming.....expectation!! Equipping dynamite action common 11 millimeter sphere. Including the dynamite action series, the product which utilizes the common part is union possible.


(Quasi- Bicchu) 
Material: ABS, PVC, iron and magnet
Total height: Approximately 16cm
Price: Undecided


It was an Aoshima plastic model made in 1975. It looks like it was primarily inspired by the Mazinger series of super robots.


Some background story: It was created by Atlanteans in 5500 BC using orichalcum. It is formed from four vehicles: Grand Tiger, Mighty Bird, Red Clipper and Target Carrier. Atlanger or its parts are launched from the Gattai Machine Tiger Shark which can separate into Mach Machine, Bird Machine, Tower Machine and Blade Machine.

It has a "brother" robot from Aoshima: Gattai Kyokan Yamato which separates into Gattai Robot Musashi, Zero Sen Machine, Tiger Machine, Bridge Machine and Turbo Machine.

Atlanger has recently appeared in a crossover manga with Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, saving them from defeat by Yami no Teiou and his Mycenaean generals. Later, data and tech from Atlanger is used to upgrade the heavily damaged Mazinger Z into Mazinger AZ.


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