ASIMO Robot by Honda

on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

ASIMO continues to be a leading robot and product focused on innovation.  Honda videos continue to amaze us all and show how close robots are to becoming another household helper, friend, assistant, and worker.

The Honda web site does a tidy job of summing up the corporate history and the idealogy that led to ASIMO.  "In 1959, we opened shop in Los Angeles with one product, the 305cc Honda Dream motorcycle. Over fifty years later, we have 11 plants that build power equipment, generators, marine engines and automobiles, right here in North America. From day one, our philosophy has remained the same. To reach for dreams once thought impossible. Shatter records, once thought unbreakable. Imagine mobility in areas once thought immobile. But for every dream realized, there has been another eager to take its place, challenging us to not just dream the impossible, but also to achieve it."

Here you can see the new ASIMO push over a service cart then prepare and serve a drink.  Simple in concept, but the process is extreamly difficult to do without precise finger dexterity as well as smooth processes.

Next you can see ASIMO not walking, but running!  It has achieved a 9km/h speed which is quite respectible.  On November 8, 2011, Honda unveiled an all-new ASIMO. "With a further advance in autonomy, the all-new ASIMO can now continue moving without being controlled by an operator and can run as fast as 9 kmh."

In wrapping up, it makes sense to share  the difficult "sobriety test" or challenging test of balance performed in some states.  Here ASIMO stands, or even hops on one leg without falling over.

This all new design can continue moving without being controlled by an operator. With significantly improved intelligence and the physical ability to adapt to situations, ASIMO took another step closer to practical use in an office or a public space where many people come and go.

Bravo ASMIO, bravo Honda!

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