7 and the Super Bitter Sweet

on Friday, July 30, 2010.

Vinyl Rising

Super 7 Florida has evolved.  The store has relocated, in a sense, but drawn down as a traditional retail location.  Scott and his Ugly Doll, vinyl, Super Show glory have decided to evolve into making toys and keeping an online presence.  The retail store located in Old Northeast will be closing shortly.


I will miss having a normal, abnormal, retailer and all the great Saturday shows.  That said, I think things will evolve to be even better with more vinyl in Florida than ever.


From the store's blog:


Super7 Florida Shop Update

July 31st will mark a day of both endings and new beginnings for Super7 Florida and its fans.  In an effort to further enrich St. Petersburg, Florida's growing art and toy community, we will be closing the retail store at 720 2nd St. N. in favor of opening a local full-scale vinyl toy production facility, which will offer both local artists and those from around the country a totally unique service opportunity in rapid toy development and production, using the very same material used to make the Super7 toys we've come to love and enjoy.  We will still continue to maintain and stock our online store and will be participating in the Super7 booth at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando.  And while we absolutely love the cozy Old Northeast Neighborhood toy shop we've created, we recognize that we are capable of offering much more to our fans and the community at large.  Our plans are to reopen a retail/gallery presence in the front part of our new facility, however we are unable to gauge at the moment as to when that might come about.  Lauren and I want to sincerely thank Super7 and all of our fans for the warmth and grace we have been afforded over this past year, and we look forward to returning with a bang in the very near future. 

Scott Dias
Super7 Florida


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