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Diaclone Updates Diaclone Updates

on Monday, August 30, 2010.

Bluestreak, Jet Robo, Powered Convoy and other Diaclone friends join the big dance.  Be sure to check out the new updates on our Robot Japan Gallery section.

Machine Robo / GoBots Appreciation Machine Robo / GoBots Appreciation

on Friday, August 27, 2010.

Most vintage robot collectors look down on Gobots as cheaper, simpler, smaller alternatives to Transformers.  We're out to give them the respect they deserve...

New Random Images Gallery New Random Images Gallery

on Saturday, August 21, 2010.

If you want to browse toys but don't want to see anything specific, try our new random images gallery...

Robot-Japan Summit No. 2!!

on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

To be held on November 13, 2010

Jumbo LUCKY DRAW also at Summit! Read updates below.


The second Robot-Japan summit is coming up soon!  Start making plans now to ensure that you can attend.  The summit is planned for November 13, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Read on...

Takatoku Updates Takatoku Updates

on Saturday, August 07, 2010.

Vinyl and Diecast

Enjoy the new Takatoku vinyl and diecast updates in......

Adventures at Florida Supercon 2010 Adventures at Florida Supercon 2010

Written by Myles on Monday, August 02, 2010.

I've always stayed away from Cons, expecting to be the oldest one there surrounded by teenie boppers in inappropriately revealing costumes. Also, not much typically interests me enough to draw me in. However, at this particular convention (Florida Supercon) held in Miami, Florida on June 18 - 20, 2010, two members of Ghost Hunters International were attending. My wife is an avid fan of the show, and she was going with me or without me, so I decided to give in and attend...

Kung Fu Grip of 'Bots Kung Fu Grip of 'Bots

on Monday, August 02, 2010.

Our Super Photo Specialist Chogoman has re-warmed, simmered, and then dished out fresh Grip.  There are new Eidai Grip toy pictures to enjoy.

7 and the Super Bitter Sweet 7 and the Super Bitter Sweet

on Friday, July 30, 2010.

Vinyl Rising

Super 7 Florida has evolved.    Scott and his Ugly Doll, vinyl, Super Show glory have changed......

RJ Updates Galore RJ Updates Galore

on Wednesday, July 28, 2010.

Chogokin, Eidai, Transformers oh my.  Our crew has been hard at work adding fresh images into the photo encyclopedia.  Be sure to check.....

Botcon 2010 Botcon 2010

Written by Ed on Saturday, June 26, 2010.

Orlando and the Dolphin Party TF Style

Finally, years after the first Botcons, promoters decided to come to Orlando. This is the first big toy robot event in Florida versus challenging locations (for me at least) like Detroit, Ohio, Indiana, Tokyo and Kentucky.  It is about time and judging by what I saw, a great success! 

Close to EPCOT is an epic scale hotel and convention center building known as the Dolphin. Oh, it is next to the equally large hotel known as the Swan. Disney does things right and big with polish.  So after entering the $11 jammed packed parking I was greeted by gobs of adult kids, kid kids, international kids, pale white never-seen-light-kids, and costumed out kids.  -Surreal!

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